Lawsuit settlement tops Quorum Court discussion

By Joel Phelps
The Arkadelphian

Money from a lawsuit settlement will go toward maintenance of certain county-owned properties.

Clark County justices of the peace on Monday gave County Judge Troy Tucker the approval to spend up to $35,000 on maintenance to the sheriff’s office, court complex and prosecutor’s office. The county recently received a check in that amount from a settlement with Daniell Mechanical Services, Inc.

In the lawsuit, the county claimed the 2016 faulty installation of a boiler had caused a carbon monoxide leak, which made jail staff and inmates ill and forced the jail to make numerous accommodations for inmates.

Other business
Tucker applauded the firefighters and emergency personnel who responded to the Interstate 30 pileup last week.

The judge also thanked the rural volunteer fire departments for their response to last week’s storms.

Rising fuel costs are starting to have an impact on the county’s coffers. Tucker reported the road department has spent $30,000 more on fuel this year than it had at this time in 2021. “We’ll feel it before the end of the year” if fuel prices don’t stabilize, Tucker said.

Justice Jenna Scott brought it to the court’s attention that it has not heard a quarterly report from the Economic Development Corp. of Clark County, a requirement of the EDCCC which is spelled out in an ordinance. Tucker suggested that Treasurer Karen Arnold’s monthly revenue report, which summarizes tax receipts from the 1/2-cent sales tax, meats that criteria. Justice Ricky Arnold said he received an email of the EDCCC’s written report, but no other justice said they were recipients of the report.

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  1. It seems quite suspicious that the EDCCC, which loves to hide what it’s doing (remember that non-disclosure agreement they signed?), only sent its financial report to Ricky the RINO (who just got primaried). Hopefully, it was just an innocent error and will be fixed soon, but can we really trust them anymore? By the way, I wonder if the report is available to the public or just JPs, because it really should be, maybe on a website or something.