BITS & PIECES: Tuesday, June 14

We had an inquisitive reader wanting information on the ongoing construction at the Clark County Health Unit on South 10th Street. We called County Judge Troy Tucker and learned the state Department of Health provided the county with a $323,000 grant. The project includes the addition of two patient rooms, enlargement of the laboratory size, replacement of flooring and lighting, adding a cover over the front entrance, adding ADA accessibility, adding security features and repairing some termite damage.

Why is it jalapeño, but not jabanero? This makes jardly any sense!

Creature in the Woods
Part 3/10
I inspected the pile of kindling, limbs and logs we had collected. It would be plenty to fuel a comfortable fire that would last until past bedtime. What little sunlight was left danced through the shadows of leaves. That sense of satisfaction a camper gets upon completing an otherwise tedious chore crept over me. The campsite was near perfection by our standards, and it was now time to commence relaxation in the woods. But first, time to wash up.

When did retail associates become so worthless? Seems to us that, prior to Covid and before stockers started carrying around their mobile device (whatever they’re used for), you could ask for help in finding nearly anything, and they’d walk you right to it. Nowadays, if you ask for help in finding something you’re met with a quizzical gaze that suggests behind that blank stare the person is saying, “Uh, I just work here; am I supposed to know where the beans are?” If you’re lucky, you will be pointed in a general direction of the department where your product is kept. To be fair, there are still some retail associates who do their job the old-fashioned way and help customers (hat tip to most, if not all, of the staff at Brookshire’s).

Some readers have asked about the status of what we’ve learned about the Veolia plant in Gum Springs. We’ve submitted a draft article to a team that represents independent journalists and are awaiting their response. We want to report nothing but the truth before clicking PUBLISH on a story, so in some cases we will use what resources we have available as members of LION (Local Independent Online News) Publishers.

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