Drake ousts Arnold in JP11 race

By Joel Phelps
The Arkadelphian

Gurdon resident Tracy Ellis Drake was bitten by two dogs as she went door to door in her campaign to unseat incumbent Ricky Arnold for a seat on the Clark County Quorum Court.

Tracy Ellis Drake

Although she was still bruised on election night, Drake admits the canine attacks were worth it. “You gotta do what you gotta do,” said Drake, an office manager at Compass Healthcare in Arkadelphia.

Drake went around the geographically massive District 11, knocking on doors and asking people for their vote. “Everybody I talked to, I just told them I want to be a voice for my district,” she said.

Starting Jan. 1, Drake will represent a constituency that makes up part of Gurdon, Whelen Springs, Beirne, Kansas, Vaden, Curtis and some of Gum Springs.

Drake took 154 votes to Arnold’s 132. “I’m kind of shocked to be honest,” she said. “I got a lot of people signed up and registered, and every vote mattered.”

The biggest issues facing Clark County, according to Drake, are how tax dollars are dispersed. “I want them to be spent all over the county,” she said. “Let’s give Gurdon something. We need to focus on other areas in our county besides Arkadelphia.”

“I just want to work for the people, be a voice for my people.” Ellis thanked her family, friends and supporters who showed up and voted for her.

“I’m just excited to start this new journey,” she added. “I look forward to serving Clark County.”

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  1. Love to see it! ‘Tax and spend’ Ricky Arnold got primaried, by a populist Conservative nonetheless. Her message very much aligns with my own: we should be investing in EVERY part of Clark County, not just Arkadelphia. Let’s keep cracking away at the liberal majority until most of the Quorum Court starts to care about the will of the PEOPLE, not just urban elites. Congratulations, JP-elect!

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