Vance takes assessor spot in landslide

By Joel Phelps
The Arkadelphian

Mona Vance defeated Erin Arnold in a landslide for the race to be Clark County’s next assessor.

Vance, who took 1,647 votes, will be leaving her post as county clerk come Jan. 1 to take on the assessor’s role. Arnold, a deputy clerk in the assessor’s office, had 474 votes in her favor.

An emotional Mona Vance hugs a supporter Tuesday shortly after hearing the unofficial election results. | The Arkadelphian photo/Joel Phelps

“I have no words,” an emotional Vance said in the moments after the total unofficial results were announced Tuesday night at the Clark County Court Complex. “I’m just trying to let this soak in.”

“I’m very shocked,” she said of the results. “I figured it would be a closer race than what it was. [Erin is] a great person. She was a good person to go up against.”

Arnold was in agreement that the two ran a clean campaign and had no hard feelings toward each other. “I think [Mona] does a really good job,” said Arnold, who’s worked in the assessor’s office the past four years. Arnold congratulated Vance for her win. “She told me I ran a good race. I knew running this race was going to be a difficult one,” she said.

Arnold took to social media to thank her supporters. “I have definitely grown from this experience,” she said on Facebook. “I’m proud of myself for at least trying. I will continue to work hard for Clark County as a deputy assessor.”

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