Henderson panel proposes eliminations to chancellor

Cuts amount to $3.7M in savings

Program eliminations and reductions have been recommended at Henderson State University.

The financial exigency committee has made its recommendations to the chancellor. The next step is for the chancellor to provide financial exigency recommendations to the Arkansas State University System Board of Trustees for consideration. The board also will receive the financial exigency committee’s recommendations.

No recommendations are final until the ASU System board approves changes. A meeting is anticipated for May 5.

In a letter to Chancellor Charles Ambrose, the committee on Wednesday made the following suggestions for cuts:

Program eliminations


General studies


Music performance and composition


Management information systems

Data science



Business information systems


Political science

The eliminations will amount to more than $1.7 million, according to Catherine Leach, chair of the Faculty Senate-appointed financial exigency committee. Leach goes on to note in the letter to Ambrose that a general business degree was suggested with many of the School of Business faculty being reassigned.

Recommendations for program reductions

The following programs are being recommended for reductions:

• Eliminate all part-time/adjunct positions. However, nursing and education stated they may need some of those faculty lines for student intern supervision or clinicals.

• Eliminate all faculty lines in the instructor scenario tool for faculty no longer with the university

• Art: eliminate three faculty positions

• Aviation: eliminate one faculty position; instructor has another job

• Biology: eliminate two faculty positions

• Chemistry: eliminate two positions

• Communication and Theatre Arts: eliminate one communications faculty positions and two theater arts faculty positions

• Curriculum and Instruction: eliminate the faculty line for Dr. Givan’s position

• Engineering and Physics: eliminate two faculty positions

• English, Foreign Language and Philosophy: eliminate six English faculty positions and one Spanish faculty position

• Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics: eliminate one computer science faculty position and two mathematics faculty positions

• Music: eliminate five faculty positions

• Psychology: eliminate one faculty position

• Social Sciences: eliminate three political science faculty positions

The total eliminations will amount to more than $3.7 million in savings, Leach said.

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  1. I’m seeing lots of programs and facility being eliminated but no mention of any cuts in administration or athletic programs. Now I love Reddie sports but that is not the reason for a university to exist
    Let’s get some priorities straight

  2. This school was ran into the ground by the previous administration. No one seemed to have the intestinal fortitude to call them on it for the fear of being called a racist. Busines is business no matter who is conducting it. They had a board for oversight. Where were they? After borrowing millions of dollars to get out of hock, they are still over 13 million in the hole? What’s wrong with this picture? Now they’ve hired a high dollar head hunter to come in and bail them out. They will want to cut his head off before it’s over. This place, unfortunately should be closed down and sold in order for ASU to recover some of the losses from this fiasco. The head head hunter should be paid off and sent packing back to wherever he came from whatever his intentions were if he’s lucky. Arkadelphia could learn a good lesson from this, but I doubt they will. I got about 17 hours there during the Viet Nam war. Back then if you were a male you were forced to be in the ROTC which I’m sure was yet another financial advantage to the school. Fortunately, I bailed out and joined the Navy. Eventually retired and got a couple of degrees and some graduate hours from the University of Arkansas. People of Arkadelphia should be embarrassed to have put up with this foolishness. I guess they just thought it would be sporty to contend with the incompetence of the previous administration and board. How did that work out? Cut your losses and pursue something more productive like a trades school. Lots of jobs out there for Plumbers and HVAC, Electrician workers that pay well and the country needs such persons. Trying to be accommodating and making everyone happy does not always work out. Sometimes you don’t always get your way and have to suck it up to survive. If you are persistent, you can survive and do a lot better than HSU despite its esteemed history up until now. At some point you just have to bite the bullet and make hard unpopular decisions. I learned a long time ago that people running Arkadelphia can’t be embarrassed, so I’m quite sure they will continue to throw good money after bad to continue this foolishness. Good luck! There’s a whole different better world out there and you don’t have to look far.

    And you guys are worried about Athletics? Seems to be the least of the schools problems. They might reexamine their priorities. Does HSU have a new board now or are still suffering from the one of the previous Administration.?

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