ADC: 6 Clark County inmates eligible for parole in June

By The Arkadelphian

There are six Arkansas Department of Correction inmates serving prison time for felonies committed in Clark County who are eligible for parole in May 2022. The Arkadelphian includes mugshots when they are available. They are:

Rusty Crews

Crews, 25, is serving a 12-year sentence on a 2018 negligent homicide conviction in Clark County. He was also sentenced to 36 months in 2019 for charges of fleeing. Crews, currently being held at the Grimes Unit, is eligible for parole on June 13.

David Garner

Garner, 47, is serving a four-year sentence at the Delta Regional Unit for a pair of drug-related charges in Pike County; he was sentenced in 2021. Garner also has prior sentence history in Clark County for forgery charges. He is eligible for parole on June 27.

Eric Gentry

Gentry, 40, is serving a 15-year sentence at Texarkana Regional for conviction of aggravated assault charges in 2021. He also has prior drug charges dating to 2016. He is eligible for parole on June 12.

Damean Marlow

Marlow, 35, is being held at the Varner Unit and serving a four-year sentence for drug convictions in Howard County, with a prior conviction of residential burglary in Clark County dating to 2013. He is eligible for parole on June 22.

Thomas Mosley

Mosley, 46, was sentenced in 2004 for drug and theft charges in Saline County. Mosley also has theft convictions in Clark County dating back to 1993.

Ted Westbrook

The 29-year-old is on the Greene County waiting list to serve a three-year sentence for failing to register in Clark County, a conviction for which he was sentenced in August 2021. Westbrook will be eligible for parole on June 22.

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