GALLERY: Student art show at Goza

A student art show was held Tuesday evening at Goza Middle School. These are the winners:

6th Grade
1st Place: Jayden Nash for “Zendaya”
2nd Place: Connor Davis for “Rock”
3rd Place: Anthony Bell for “Solar Moon”
Honorable Mention: Annabelle Klein for “Battle of the Whimsical Trees”
People’s Choice: Paris Quarles for “Origami Animals”

7th Grade
1st Place: Alice Kneebone for “Conan Gray”
2nd Place: Maryi Smith-Houser for “Andres Cepeda”
3rd Place: Megan Farrar for “Jake from State Farm”
Honorable Mention: Emberli Witherington for “Legolas”
People’s Choice: Emberli Witherington for “Legolas”

8th Grade
1st Place: Malia Adkins for “Oldie Vivian Leigh”
2nd Place: Kate Manning for “Bones”
3rd Place: Hunter Mason for “Jimmy”
Honorable Mention: Elan Gaskin for “Purple Girl”
People’s Choice: Ava Haycox for “Zendaya”

Photos by Wendy Ledbetter | For The Arkadelphian

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