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8 Clark County inmates eligible for parole or transfer in November

As of Nov. 1, there were 318 people listed as Clark County inmates by the state Department of Corrections website


There are 14 fewer Clark County inmates in the state prison system compared to October numbers. The inmates are distributed among several institutions across the state.

The total includes 295 men and 23 women. There are 156 black inmates, 157 white inmates and five of other races.

The following Clark County inmates have a parole- or transfer-eligible date this month, although there are several factors that could affect any individual release for months or years.

Robert Brooks, 64, is serving a 5-year sentence at the Grimes Unit in Newport for charges in Pulaski County. Brooks has been incarcerated four times, all from Central Arkansas convictions except a 1992 case of second-degree battery in Clark County.

Joe Crosby, 42, is serving a 20-year sentence at the East Arkansas Regional Unit for a 2018 case of simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, and purpose to deliver. Crosby, from Hot Springs, was arrested on North 10th Street in Arkadelphia as a result of a traffic stop in which police located meth and a handgun in his possession.

Cullen Gulley III, 25, is serving a 3-year sentence at the Varner Unit in Gould for various thefts from a relative’s home in 2020 and 2021. Gulley was also charged for a February 2020 escape from the custody of a Gurdon deputy marshal, as he was able to slip out of a handcuff in the backseat of a patrol car en route to the jail. Once Gulley exited the vehicle he fled on foot along a street adjacent to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office for a short distance before he was again apprehended.

Randy Pickle, 57, is on the Pike County waiting list for a 3-year sentence. Pickle was convicted of a 2018 aggravated assault case in which he stabbed his live-in boyfriend in the elbow with a knife.

Jakeb Reppo, 36, is serving a 25-year sentence at the Grimes Unit in Newport for 2005 case of residential burglary and theft of property. Reppo, listing a Bonnerdale address, broke into an Amity home and stole several items, including a handgun.

David J. Spears, 23, is on the Pike County waiting list for a 3-year sentence. Spears, of Glenwood, broke into an Amity home in March 2022 and stole numerous items and more than a dozen firearms.

Katelyn Vaughn, 22, is serving a 2-year sentence at the McPherson Unit in Newport. Vaughn was convicted of an August 2021 theft of a firewood splitter, which she aided in towing away from an Amity residence and would later sell to another party.

Albert Williams, 70, is serving a 10-year sentence at the Ester Unit for a conviction of possession of a controlled substance. A state trooper located meth and marijuana in Williams’s possession during a February 2022 traffic stop in Gurdon. Williams had prior felony drug convictions on cases spanning from 2014-2018.