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Directors reject bid from construction company with unfinished business at airport

By JOE MAY | The Southern Standard

The Arkadelphia City Board of Directors rejected a bid from a construction company that had left some items undone at the airport.

City Manager Gary Brinkley recommended that the board approve the low bid of Deaton Construction Company for $305,578 for the construction of a maintenance facility for the water department at Gum Springs. However, he noted that the acceptance of the bid should be with the stipulation that the firm’s remaining work at the airport, which has been left undone, be  completed by April 22. If the work is not done, the bid would revert to Rogers Construction for $389,231.

In the ensuing vote, the measure failed with directors Roland Gosey, Reo Cummings and Jason Jones voting no.

Cummings and Jones stated that since the company’s previous work had not been acceptable, the city should not use them again. Director Taylor Chaney, pointing out the $65,000 difference in the bids, stated the city would be wasting money. Brinkley said the grant funds were enough to cover the difference.

Jones and Cummings then moved to go with Rogers Construction, which passed with only Chaney dissenting.

In other business, directors:  

• Agreed to allow the housing authority to reinvest $14,000 in back fees owned to the city in their facilities.• Voted to accept the low bid of $313,777 from Lehr painting for the 16th Street water tower.

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• Voted to hold a public hearing to formally close streets along 10th Street that were platted, but have not been in use for years. These include Butler Street, which ran off Pine and under what is now the College Inn and also has a house sitting on it, and Cass Street, which was at the end of 10th Street.

• Passed on their third readings ordinances for the new plumbing code, mechanical code and fuel code.

• Read a proclamation for Delta Sigma Theta.

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