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Water tower painting, Gum Springs water plant up for talks

The Arkadelphia Board of Directors will hold its first of two scheduled April meetings on Tuesday, with several items up for discussion.

Following a proclamation by Mayor Scott Byrd for Delta Sigma Theta, directors are likely to OK a trio of ordinances pertaining to plumbing, mechanical and fuel/gas codes; those ordinances are all on their third and final readings.

Arkadelphia Housing Authority

Directors are being asked to waive outstanding payments from the Arkadelphia Housing Authority’s PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) program. City Manager Gary Brinkley met with the AHA’s executive director, Richard Herrington, requested the waiver of $14,114 in outstanding payments from 2015, part of 2016 and 2019. 

According to a memo from Brinkley to directors, the AHA came up with that figure “after much work recreating the books from the previous administration, who was terminated for cause.” A resolution will be on the table for board approval. If approved, it will be the final issue between the city and AHA regarding its PILOT payments. Brinkley pointed out in the memo that Herrington provided the city with AHA’s 2021 PILOT funds with a $9,060 check.

The board will also consider a resolution naming Gary Hunter to the AHA Commission, with a term expiring May 1, 2025. Hunter would fill the unexpired term of Reggie Porchia. 

16th Street water tower needs paint

Brinkley is requesting approval from the board to accept a $313,777 bid to paint the city water tower on 16th Street. The project would include the painting of both the exterior and interior of the facility. “It is a very technical process — which it should be — as this is 300,000 gallons of drinking water,” Brinkley informed the board in a memo. 

Homes and vehicles should be safe from overspray, he pointed out, as there will be a large painting apron installed to thwart overspray, which he said has occurred in the past with water tower paint projects.

The lowest qualified bidder was Leher Painting of Arkansas.

Building the Gum Springs maintenance facility

The lowest qualified bidder on construction at a water plant at Gum Springs has some unfinished projects to complete for the city before he can begin this new project. Deaton Construction offered to take on the project for a $305,578 price tag, outbidding Rogers Construction, Inc., who offered a $389,231 bid for the same work.

However, Deaton has a “few remaining items from the corporate hanger installation that need to be addressed” before he’s recognized as a qualified bidder. He’s been given an April 22 deadline to wrap up work at the airport before he can begin work at the water plant in Gum Springs. Should Deaton fail to do so, the city will contract with Rogers.

Closing undeveloped roads

A public hearing is scheduled prior to a resolution that would close three platted but never completed roads. The roads that could be closed were not listed in the board agenda.

Finally, Brinkley’s administration will show the board a video showcasing work the city accomplished in 2021. That video was produced and debuted at the recent Chamber Banquet. Brinkley said the city will continue documenting work being accomplished with the additional sales and use tax funding.

The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. in the Town Hall Boardroom. City Board meetings are open to the public. Meetings can also be viewed via a livestream.

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