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Clark County real estate transactions through Feb. 11

Clark County real estate transactions recorded Jan. 28 through Feb. 11 having a value of $100,000 or greater. Information is gathered from public records held by the Clark County Circuit Clerk. The Arkadelphian includes names of grantees, grantors, transaction price and property description available, and does not withhold names.

Jan. 28

Justin and Andrea Garner purchased 80 acres (S9 T7S R20W) from Loblolly Investments, LLC, for $192,000.

Feb. 1

Dustin and Marly Holmes purchased Lots 4-6 and part of Lots 1-3 in Block 6 of the William F. Browning Survey in Arkadelphia from Caddo Trading Co. for $145,000.

Kristen Owens purchased 43.6 acres (S15 T5S R23W) on or near Cubage Road from Rickey and Julie Owens for $350,000.

Feb. 2

Frank Deangelis purchased an unlisted amount of land (S1 T5S R23W) from Jo Ann King for $120,000.

Feb. 4

Wesley Smith purchased 24.63 acres (S6 T9S R20W) from Nicholas Francis-Smith for $100,000.

Sloan and Kathryn Speights purchased Lots 14-16 and Block 24 of Browning’s Survey of Arkadelphia from Marvin and Claudia Speights Revocable Trust for $300,000.

Feb. 8

Tanner and Cory Cangelosi purchased Lots 1-3 in Block 35 of Browning’s Survey of Arkadelphia from Schaefer Family Revocable Trust for $305,000.