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Clark County awarded grant to boost security at court complex

Clark County Circuit Judge Blake Batson and Clark County Judge Troy Tucker announced that the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Security and Emergency Preparedness awarded Clark County the maximum available grant in the amount of $20,000.

The funds were requested through the grant process to replace and enhance the security camera system in and around the court complex. The county’s local court security committee approved the request for funding. Clark County committee members include Circuit Judge Blake Batson, District Judge Randy Hill, County Judge Troy Tucker, Prosecutor Dan Turner, Sheriff Jason Watson, Circuit Clerk Brian Daniel, and Office of Emergency Management Director Tate Chanler.

Batson said, “We are extremely thankful to Justice Womack, the committee, and the legislature for the funding. The 2023 grant cycle was very competitive, and the Supreme Court committee received application requests of over $560,000 for the $250,000 of available funding provided by the legislature. Our local court security committee and Sheriff Watson do exceptional work ensuring the safety of all the courthouse employees, litigants and the public.”

Circuit Judge Blake Batson and Sheriff Jason Watson hold a replica of the $20,000 check at the
Arkansas Supreme Court in Little Rock.
| Submitted photo