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Ouachita reports 99% placement rate for 2022 graduates 


Ouachita Baptist University reported that 99% of its 2022 graduates are employed or furthering their education, repeating a career outcomes rate that exceeds the most recent national average of 84% and reflects the university’s sustained momentum in equipping students for postgraduate success. 

The 2022 career outcomes rate is based on responses by graduating seniors to Ouachita’s First Destination Survey, as well as information gathered and confirmed utilizing personal relationships and social media.  

National First Destination survey results for 2022 won’t be available until September. Averaging percentages from the previous five years, however, Ouachita outpaced national career outcomes rates by more than 10 percentage points. 

Standards for data collection are set by the National Association of Colleges and Employers and include students in the following postgraduate situations: employed full time, employed part time, participating in a service program or volunteer work such as missions or Peace Corps, serving in the U.S. military or continuing their education. 

Levi Dade photo/Ouachita Baptist University

Data for 2022 outcomes were collected through Dec. 31. 

The significance of Ouachita’s 2022 career outcomes rate is amplified when coupled with the university’s knowledge rate, or the percentage of graduates for whom Ouachita has verifiable information about their career activities. At 95%, the 2022 knowledge rate is the university’s highest in six years. From 2017-2021, Ouachita exceeded national knowledge rates by an average of more than 20%. 

“We are very excited about our outcomes rate, but even more so about our knowledge rate,” said Adam Wheat, director of career & calling at Ouachita. “Since our career outcomes rate is based only on the number of students who respond, having a near-total knowledge rate gives us a much more accurate picture of what the whole class is doing.” 

In effect, career outcomes rates mean more when they represent a greater number of graduates. 

“To me, Ouachita’s numbers represent the level of personal connection our graduates have with us and the great work we are doing to prepare them to be successful after college.” 

According to Wheat, survey results reveal that most employed graduates pursued career opportunities in Arkansas or Texas; students enrolled in graduate school are attending schools in 16 states and the United Kingdom. 

“Ouachita sees students as people with incredible potential. We value them and seek to make this the best possible education and experience,” said Dr. Ben Sells, Ouachita president. “Recent grads tell me that Ouachita prepared them to succeed, to thrive and to compete with anyone. We invest in our students, encourage them and celebrate their many successes.”