LETTER: To Gov.: Reconsider investing in SW Ark and our future

Dear Governor Sanders:

Congratulations on your election as the first female Governor of Arkansas and as the youngest Governor in the nation. I wish you well in your term as Governor of our great state.

As Justice of the Peace for District 1 in Clark County, I am writing to inquire regarding your decision and order to halt the investment of much needed funding for expansion of broadband internet service in the southwest corridor of Arkansas. Clark County is one of the counties directly impacted by your order.

Ouachita Baptist University, of which you are an alumnus, is located in my district. This past election cycle, as I was campaigning, I met with many OBU students who raised the issue of internet access as their major priority. Clark County, as you know, is home to two great institutions of higher education – OBU and Henderson State University. Our students come to our campuses to learn but they also impact our tax revenue base. We have an opportunity to enhance their learning ability and your decision hampers that opportunity.

As a full-time instructor at Arkansas State University Three Rivers in Malvern, I have students who attend the college from Clark County, and they too have voiced frustrations over broadband access. I am asking that you please consider reversing your order and to award the $1.6 million dollars in investment that was allocated for Clark County.

Thank you for your consideration on this request and for your service to our beautiful state.

In Service,

Zach Bledsoe
Justice of the Peace, District 1
Clark County, Arkansas

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