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2022 IN REVIEW: People

This article is the second of a series reflecting on the news stories that impacted Arkadelphia and Clark County in 2022.

By JOEL PHELPS | The Arkadelphian

What makes a community? The people who call it home. When those same people achieve success, overcome life-changing obstacles or just have an interesting story to tell, we are there to share their stories. Here’s a glance at the people who made the news in 2022. For further reading, click or tap the link included in each paragraph.

This spring, former AHS coach and English teacher Eli Cranor published his first novel, “Don’t Know Tough.” The infancy of Cranor’s writing began while he was a senior at Ouachita Baptist University, where he majored in English and played football. The novel can best be described as “Friday Night Lights” meets “Ozark.”

In March we highlighted a fun group of local ladies that brings music to church in a refreshing way. The “Ukuladies” of Mt. Bethel Baptist Church is the result of young girl receiving a ukulele as a birthday gift, then joining several others in the church for worship and fellowship with an array of non-traditional instruments.

The Ukuladies

Described as “A young man with a plan”, Arkadelphia High School upperclassman Carson Eddy was among the students featured in a Patterson Federal Credit Union series called School Spotlight.

Another School Spotlight focused on Alice Kneebone, an award-winning artist and student at Goza Middle School. Kneebone has been creating art since she could hold a pencil. Her career goal is to become a story board artist.

With dreams of one day becoming Governor, U.S. Congressman, U.S. Senator and President of the United States of America, Gurdon youngster Callen Johnson had the opportunity this summer to join outstanding elementary students across the nation to attend the National Young Scholars Program in New York City.

Callen Johnson

This summer, a Henderson professor was involved in a life-changing car accident. Despite the hardships suffered in the aftermath, Beth Wyatt has vowed to keep her spirits high and hasn’t allowed the loss of limbs to slow her down.

In addition to her studies this fall, Ouachita Baptist University student Sarah Spakes took a spin on Wheel of Fortune during the long-running gameshow’s “College Week” series.

Sarah Spakes

After earning the title this summer as Clark County’s Farm Family of the Year, Huneycutt Farms was awarded in December as the Arkansas Farm Family of the Year, putting them in the running with farm families from nine other states to become the Southeastern Farm Family of the Year.

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