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Alice Kneebone is a Goza Middle School student who will be in eighth grade in the fall. Born and raised in Arkadelphia, Alice is the daughter of Andrew and Elaine Kneebone. She is a passionate artist who not only competes in a variety of art competitions, but also does commissioned work. Her mother’s friends and colleagues have commissioned much of her work and that has led to more opportunities as word spread.

Alice Kneebone and her self-portrait, which brought home a First Place ribbon at the Clark County Fair.

“I create paintings for other people and myself, it’s both a stress reliever and a hobby,” said Alice. She has always had a passion for art and, in addition to her influential teachers, her grandfather has been a mentor her entire life. Ed Martin, Alice’s grandfather, was an art professor at Henderson State University for 39 years and chair of the Art Department. Her grandmother, Wanda Martin, was also an artist. Her preferred mediums were watercolors and pen and ink and many of her pieces hang in homes throughout Arkadelphia. Alice has spent her entire young life creating art and has been at it since she could hold a pencil. 

Alice’s art includes pieces in acrylics, oil, pencils, watercolor and ink. She likes to paint things you can see and have a reference for and is not a fan of abstract painting at all. Her preferred paintings are Renaissance and she loves the “pretty flowers and frilly dresses.” 

Alice’s work has appeared in many competitions and has won many awards. In 2021, she won first place in both the Arkansas Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. Bird Poster Contest (6th grade) and the Clark County Fair Fine Arts Competition (Junior Division). That year her self-portrait was also chosen for a digital display in the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Crystal Bridges at 10 exhibition. In 2022, Alice won first place for 7th grade in the Goza Middle School Art Show. She was also awarded Best of Show for the Middle School Division of the Texarkana Regional Arts & Humanities Council 29th Annual Juried Student Exhibition. In that particular competition over 900 students submitted work, 168 pieces were shown and 24 were selected for awards.

Kneebone, center, is pictured with her grandfather, local artist Ed Martin, and art teacher Regan Morehead at a juried student exhibition in Texarkana at which she won Best of Show.

In the near future Alice hopes to attend the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts in Hot Springs. Following that, she aspires to be a story board artist for an animated series after attending California Institute of the Arts. During the pandemic she took a variety of art classes online and even taught herself stop motion animation. That, and her love of graphic novels, are part of the inspiration for her long-term goals.

While Alice enjoys and is inspired to create art on her own, she also is challenged and guided by her art teacher, Regan Morehead, at Goza Middle School. Not only has Morehead found many of the competitions that Alice has entered, she has also led her to try new forms of art. In Morehead’s art classes, Alice has tried weaving and printmaking as well as a personality-based totem pole project. Alice appreciates how Morehead differentiates instruction and projects for her and other students, often challenging Alice. In Morehead’s words, “I am incredibly proud of Alice! It has been a joy to watch her grow as an artist. Alice came into the Goza Art Studio with a passion for the arts and a great skill set. In our time together she has won four art shows and I can’t wait to see what she does in the future!”

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