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ArDOT: Local trail projects get more funding

Arkansas Department of Transportation & The Arkadelphian

Two local trail projects were named 2022 award recipients of the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP).

Clark County is set to receive $500,000 in federal funding for a side trail that parallels U.S. Highway 67/North 10th Street. The ultimate goal community leaders have is to connect Arkadelphia’s Feaster Trail to the trail systems at DeGray Lake.

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Last year the Arkansas Department of Transportation awarded $819,000 in local trail projects, with $500,000 of it set aside for a multi-use path that will run alongside a new bridge spanning the Caddo River.

Improvements to the local trail system have been discussed at public meetings. County Judge Troy Tucker has also been working to add 1.6 miles of a paved trail that would connect the Sunset Trail to the Lower Lake boat ramp. Doing so would put connect that trail to the Iron Mountain Trail System.

A hiker traverses the Iron Mountain Trail System. If all goes according to plan, Arkadelphia’s Feaster Trail would eventually be connected to the trail system at DeGray Lake. | Joel Phelps/The Arkadelphian

In addition to the county’s funds, the City of Arkadelphia is set to receive $259,000 in TAP funding for improvements to Feaster Trail.

This undated file photo shows a group of walkers taking break at one of the trailheads of Arkadelphia’s Feaster Trail. | Joel Phelps/The Arkadelphian

TAP was reauthorized by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and provides funding for programs and projects defined as “transportation alternatives” for pedestrians, bicyclists and other non-motorized forms of transportation. TAP is a reimbursement-type grant program that provides for an 80 percent federal share and a 20 percent local match from eligible applicants.

Under the TAP program, eligible projects can include construction of on-road and off-road trail facilities that include sidewalks, bicycle infrastructure, pedestrian and bicycle signals, lighting and other safety related infrastructure. Conversion of abandoned railroad corridors for pedestrian and bicycle trails is also eligible.

For 2022, a total of 56 TAP projects for approximately $15 million and 12 RTP projects for approximately $2 million were awarded.

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  1. I don’t understand how Feaster Trail could connect to the Iron Mountain Trail system without crossing I-30.