Westerman gives statement on Infrastructure Bill vote

WASHINGTON – Last night, the House passed the $1 trillion infrastructure bill. 

Congressman Bruce Westerman issued the following statement:  

“House Republicans have been ready to work across the aisle on much needed infrastructure development, but we were stonewalled at every turn,” said Congressman Westerman. “The $1.2 trillion so-called Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, the largest such bill in history— even dwarfing an inflation adjusted FDR New Deal price tag— never had a hearing or a mark-up in a House committee.

“If it had, Americans might have found out that only about half of the bill has anything to do with infrastructure.  The rest is wasteful spending on the Green New Deal and leftist priorities. Speaker Pelosi prohibited all 435 members of the House from making a single change to the bill.

“That’s ridiculous. 435 members of Congress were elected to serve their constituents, not rubber stamp the $1.2 trillion whim of the Senate. Moreover, the passage of this bill is directly tied to the massive socialist spending bill that will be voted on in the upcoming days. These spending bills do not ‘build back better’ as Democrats have promoted. They will tear down our country and devastate our economy. I proudly voted no.”

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