Mr. Goodtime’s Hearsay Fishing (and hunting) report

By Lee Seale
Mr. Goodtime

Hey y’all back yet again. I guess The Arkadelphian likes my material. Who would have thought that! 

Well, y’all, I have had a little trouble this week coming up with fresh material, but today an old memory popped into my head and I thought I would share it.

I remember one day several years ago right after we had moved to Sparkman my dad decided to take me and my brother squirrel hunting.

I’m guessing he did not give it much thought beforehand seeing as how my pops was not necessarily the most patient person. 

Well to my knowledge it was my first time ever going squirrel hunting, and I had no idea what to expect. At first everything was going good and we were enjoying ourselves. We were just walking through the woods not seeing anything. And as always it was my fault because I was breathing too hard or I was walking too loud, whatever that means. I hope I’m not the only one that had to put up with trying to walk through a million dried out leaves without making a sound.

We were just walking through the woods peacefully looking up in the trees, not really paying much attention to anything else when, all of a sudden, a limb slapped me right in the face. My brother was walking in front of me and had booby-trapped me. Can you believe that?!

I was the younger brother so it was WAR! What can I say: I’m always up for a good fight. 

Soon enough I made my way in front of my brother, and the first chance I got I bent a limb back and returned the favor! Now the joke was on him. 

Next thing I know my dad was staring me straight in the eyes with disbelief. Like that soul-crushing look you get from your dad when you know you’ve REALLY messed up. He is a man among men in my eyes, and at that point in my life was the last person I ever wanted to disappoint. 

I guess the look he gave us worked, because it took Rob almost 30 minutes before he got me again, which started from that moment on a full blown war, no matter how upset dad got. 

After that Rob and I were only taken serious hunting a handful of times with dad. I guess we ruined the hunt for him. Dad still took us one-on-one, but I’m guessing he learned his lesson that day. To this day that memory still makes me giggle. And still to this day when we see the opportunity we will pop each other with a limb. 

Sometimes, I guess those little memories are the best part about hunting or fishing. 

So go out and make yourself some memories. And I promise it will be full of laughs. 

I hope y’all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed telling it. Next week I will tell y’all a story about my brother’s shooting skills and how I shot my own boat not once but twice. 

Until then whatever you do keep God right beside you and have a goodtime doing it.

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