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Dispatch Desk – Monday, Aug. 23

Arkadelphia Police Department

Sunday, Aug. 22
Police opened a terroristic threatening case involving a juvenile.
Police opened an endangering the welfare of a minor case involving a juvenile.

5:40 p.m.
Officers were summoned to Walgreens, where an unidentified black male had stolen 15 packages of cigarettes valued at $113. The cashier told police the man came to the counter with a cart full of other items and requested the smokes. As the cashier was bagging the cigarettes, the suspect placed several items onto the counter. He took the bagged cigarettes and placed them into a backpack while the cashier was distracted ringing up the other items. He said he needed to get some money from his vehicle and left the store, backpack in tow, and fled the scene in a dark sedan.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office

Saturday, Aug. 21
6:31 p.m.
Hogan McPherson Mitchell, 25, of 124 Club Dr., was arrested at that residence for criminal mischief. Deputies were summoned to the home for a report that a man was destroying things inside. Among the items broken were a vase, valued at $500, and a bronze bust, valued at $50.

Sunday, Aug. 22
5:33 p.m.
Deputies responded to a car fire on Reynolds Road in Gum Springs. The unoccupied maroon Pontiac Grand Prix had a license plate that returned to a different vehicle. Curtis firefighters responded to the scene as well to extinguish the blaze.


Wednesday, Aug. 18
Ryan T. Johnson, 36, was arrested by Caddo Valley police for possession of a controlled substance.

Friday, Aug. 20
Brandon M. Wright, 35, was arrested by Caddo Valley police for aggravated assault, second-degree domestic battery and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Sunday, Aug. 22
Dustin L. Webb, 37, continued detention.
Jarel J. Giles, 20, was arrested by Arkadelphia police for aggravated assault.
Cortney R. Finley, 32, was arrested by Caddo Valley police or failure to appear and driving with a suspended license.

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