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Amity man arrested in gun-involved dispute

Authorities in Clark County this week arrested a man allegedly involved in a gun-related disturbance.

Max Phillip Mcgrew is being held on charges that include terroristic threatening. Mcgrew, 70, was arrested Tuesday, July 27, after police were called to his residence.

According to an incident report, Amity police and Clark County deputies responded to 1747 Highway 346, Amity, for an active domestic disturbance involving a gun. Before their arrival, police were advised that the suspect might be back in his house looking for another weapon.

Amity police spoke with Mcgrew, who relayed that the disturbance — between himself and a relative — began over a boat he wanted out of his yard. He said the situation escalated when the other party refused to move the boat. According to Mcgrew, the relative shoved him and hit him. He denied producing a firearm but admitted he always carried one on his person, and refuted having returned inside to search for another gun.

Sheriff’s deputies heard otherwise, however, as they spoke with the relative. According to his account, he was driving by Mcgrew’s house when Mcgrew “began waving his arms real big while holding a package.” He stopped the vehicle, and Mcgrew approached in a threatening manner. The altercation further escalated once he exited his vehicle, and he reportedly saw that Mcgrew was reaching for a pistol.

The relative was able to take the gun from Mcgrew, who then gave chase around the yard, falling multiple times until he could longer get back on his feet. The relative told the deputy he retreated to Mcgrew’s house after hearing Mcgrew threaten to grab another firearm once he got back up. The relative said he was able to secure both weapons and lock them inside his truck before Mcgrew regained his footing and returned inside the home.

The complainant’s son, who was a passenger in the vehicle, echoed those statements.

Deputies seized a .45 semi-automatic handgun and a .223 semi-automatic rifle, as well as ammunition for both firearms.

Mcgrew was detained and transported to the Clark County Detention Center on charges of terroristic threatening.

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