The scoop on Braum’s: Arkadelphia in queue for ice cream parlor, but company not making promises

At one time a popular buffet restaurant, Western Sizzlin’ in Arkadelphia could eventually become the site of a Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Store if the chain restaurant decides to add an Arkadelphia location. | Phelps

While we know little about any plans to open a Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Store in Arkadelphia, the former Western Sizzlin’ location does belong to the popular ice cream chain


A Braum’s spokesperson confirmed that the company purchased the lot on W.P. Malone Drive in 2021, but there are no plans to build or renovate anytime soon.

“At this time we do not have any timeline for building plans,” a company spokesperson said in an email response to a recent inquiry from

Braum’s is known for its dairy products — especially its many different flavors of ice cream. Its variety of menu items go beyond just frozen treats, however, with an offering of burgers and fries. Most locations also include a small grocery store attached to the diner.

“There are instances when we do not build for quite some time, or where we end up selling the sites if plans do not end up working out.”

— Amanda Beuchaw, Braum’s public relations director

Braum’s does have plans to open up shop in Conway, and the company in recent years also bought real estate in Hot Springs. Braum’s currently operates at 13 Arkansas locations, mostly in the northwestern corner of the state. To keep their products fresh and authentic, Braum’s generally adheres to operating within a 300-mile radius of the company’s processing plant in Tuttle, Oklahoma. With 333 highway miles between Tuttle and Arkadelphia, Southwest Arkansas is just outside that preferred radius.

There still remains a chance that Arkadelphia could have its very own Braum’s — just not anytime soon.

“Plans for a Braum’s being built in Arkadelphia is still in the queue,” City Manager Gary Brinkley said, noting the addition of a Braum’s “would be phenomenal for the community: 25-40% of Texans/Texas college students travel through the Arkadelphia community, who have been to a Braum’s.”

Amanda Beuchaw, Braum’s public relations director, said it’s common for the company to acquire real estate for future plans, “but there are instances when we do not build for quite some time, or where we end up selling the sites if plans do not end up working out.”

Earlier this year the parlor chain pulled the plug on a location in Abilene, Texas, after announcing plans to build there in 2019, KTXS Abilene-Sweetwater reported in March. The company said at the same time that 2023 would be “dedicated to renovating our current locations.”

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