Letter: Next generation must carry Clark County Fair torch

Dear Editor, 

Let me commence by applauding you as well as the extension office for giving recognition to our local exhibitors in the Clark County Fair. It’s endearing to see The Arkadelphian and the Clark County Extension Office acknowledge their hard work.

Thus the purpose in my address to you: support and recognition of our Clark County Fair. With the impact The Arkadelphian has on this community, it is my hope that you can implore my generation and those of the future to maintain this small town staple. 

Our community saw plenty of rides, lights, animals, and of course the parade. Yet they missed out on the most important part: the hearts and determination of those sustaining the festivities. Few saw our elder volunteers, spending days sorting through what few entries we had compared to other years. In the parking lot, folks were guaranteed to see three generations of the Quillin family working the parking lot and livestock barns. Mothers and grandmothers missing out on their own families to make sure all runs smoothly for the families out for a night of joy. 

Quite frankly, I could address each overlooked effort but it could be endless. With all that can be briefly written, I wish to implore you, my generation, and future generations: it’s time to take the torch and aid those currently responsible for the Clark County Fair. Children and even adults my age are scarce components of the fair, whether it’s as exhibitors or volunteers. It is a silent fear amongst those that do notice, that the fair we cherish will slowly diminish. 

As for you reader, if you enjoyed the fair: will you help in sustaining the life of Clark County Fair? 

Thank you again Editor for your recognition and this opportunity to help us grow. 

Ashtyn Linzy