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Arkadelphia woman faces charge after attempt to pass $1,000 note

An Arkadelphia woman recently charged with burglary faces additional charges from a previous incident where she tried passing a fake $1,000 bill, police say


Theresa Louise Mitchell, 29, of Arkadelphia, has been charged with forgery following her arrest earlier this summer.

Court documents filed this week say Mitchell attempted to pass a pair of counterfeit $1,000 bills at an Arkadelphia convenience station. Previous court records did not specify the amount Mitchell allegedly tried passing at Winner’s Circle, 104 N. 10th St.

Police became involved in the case after a complaint from a store clerk that a white female came in requesting change for $100, handing them instead a folded $1,000 bill. The clerk apparently wasn’t fooled and ultimately “retained” the bill and the suspect left the building for her car, an affidavit states. Mitchell, persistent to make change, returned to the checkout counter with another bill, this time asking the clerk to mark the bill.

That bill was found also to be a fake note, and Mitchell left the store for good.

Arkadelphia police made contact with Mitchell at her residence, where she reportedly produced a pair of counterfeit $1,000 bills. She was taken into custody on charges of forgery. Later that day, police investigated a burglary complaint and determined Mitchell to be the prime suspect, as they located the items reported stolen in Mitchell’s residence.

During the booking process at the Clark County Jail, Mitchell attempted an escape through the ceiling after asking a jailor permission to use the restroom, the Southern Standard reported. That attempt was foiled as the noise overhead alerted jailers to what was happening.