Bettis presents ‘Business Without Borders’

National Park College in Hot Springs welcomed Mitch Bettis, owner and president of Arkansas Business Publishing Group Tuesday, Oct. 18. Bettis presented, “Business Without Borders: Arkansas’ Place in the Global Economy.”

Bettis’ presentation focused on the effects of public policy on monetary opportunities for Arkansans from foreign companies. He took questions from the attendees and explain how marketing has changed over the past 30 years due to the influx of media sources.

Publisher Mitch Bettis, an Arkadelphia native, presents at National Park College.

Arkansas Business Publishing Group is an award-winning digital marketing and media company founded in 1995. Bettis also owns 360 West, a media and marketing company in Fort Worth, Texas. In addition, he is the publisher of Arkansas Business, the state’s business magazine.

“It was really special that I was asked to speak here because I’m from Arkadelphia,” said Bettis. “I’ve spent half my life in Hot Springs. I have a real heart for this community and I have multiple family members here. I’m here a lot. It was rewarding to present here because I have kind of an emotional connection from childhood to present for this place.”

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