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Meals on Wheels seeking volunteers

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Meals on Wheels is a service provided by the Arkansas Area on Aging. The program succeeds because Arkansans volunteer their time to help senior citizens. Volunteers deliver approximately 400 meals each week to senior citizens in Arkadelphia. Hot and frozen meals are available on a schedule that best meets the needs of the senior citizen. These dietician-approved meals offer more than just nutrition.

The socialization that comes from friendly deliveries can have an enormous impact on an elderly person’s mental well-being and their ability to remain independent or in their own home. The friendly faces and the feeling of support that come with knowing someone will be checking on them makes a difference in their daily lives.  Many times, contact with the delivery person may be the only human interaction a senior has each day.

There are often misconceptions that only financially disadvantaged seniors have to worry about reliable access to a balanced diet. However, this concern can also be due to mobility issues and access or proximity to grocery stores and healthy food.

There are many seniors who have the financial resources to buy food, but are unable to navigate the kitchen or prepare their meals due to physical or mental difficulties. If they do not have family members or friends to care for them, they may not get the food they need, or even realize how long it has been since they ate a proper meal.

The Area Agency on Aging has published the following data:

  • 92% of seniors believe Meals on Wheels allows them to keep living at home.
  • 87% of seniors say Meals on Wheels makes them feel safer and more secure.
  • 83% of seniors think Meals on Wheels improves their overall health.

Talk to any person who volunteers to deliver meals and they will tell you how rewarding the Meals on Wheels program is for them. Arkadelphia is currently in need of volunteers. Volunteering is also an excellent activity to enjoy with your spouse or friends; so share the fun! If you can spare an hour to an hour and a half a week and would like to be a volunteer, even on a substitute basis, contact Lecia Tallent at the Arkadelphia Senior Citizen’s Center at phone number 870-246-9871.

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