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REAL ESTATE: Caddo Street apartment sells for $760K

Clark County real estate transactions recorded July 15 through Aug. 1 having a value of $100,000 or greater. Information is gathered from public records held by the Clark County Circuit Clerk and Data Scout. The Arkadelphian includes names of grantees, grantors, transaction price and property description available, and does not withhold names.

Andrew and Ashton Telles purchased, by warranty deed, 11 acres at 3255 Red Springs Road, Gurdon, from Frances and Katherine Bauer for $120,000. The acreage includes a homesite, a pasture and timberland. The Telles’ financed this transaction with a mortgage of $114,000 from Southern Bancorp. The property last exchanged hands in 2019 between Bauer and Verna Cook at a price tag of $100,000.

An apartment at 110 N. 23rd St. sold for $760,000 to Raymond and Claire Holland. The Hollands purchased the 3,520 SF duplex on July 26 from BHD Rentals LLC, which constructed the dwelling in 2018 after purchasing the land for $13,000. There was no mortgage information available for this transaction.

A single-family dwelling at 1504 Evans St., Arkadelphia, sold by warranty deed to the Rick Loudenback Trust for $175,000 on July 22. The 1,524 SF home last sold in 2021 to Johnna and Justin Addy for $149,000.

John Coleman purchased 0.38 acres of land near Pierce Road for $241,250 by warranty deed, financing the July 22 transaction with a mortgage of $204,517 from SWBC Mortgage Group. The land last exchanged hands in 2020, when Jeremy and Angela Epley purchased it for $182,000.

A 2,744 SF home and 1.47 acres on Canterbury Lane sold to Timothy and Debra Gorman for $330,000 on July 26. The Gormans are financing the transaction with a $200,000 mortgage through Wells Fargo Bank. The property was last sold to Landon and Brittany Loy in 2019 for $214,000.

A one-story home at 2701 Lynwood, Arkadelphia, sold by warranty deed to Tanner and Michelle Eads for $190,000. The Eads financed the July 26 transaction with a mortgage of $100,000 from Rocket Mortgage. The 1,660 SF home had most recently sold for $130,000 to Jacob and Lauren Jones.

A 2,125 SF home at 202 North Park Dr. sold by guardians deed on July 21 to Joseph Janis and Patricia Harvey. The last exchange of that property, previously owned by Patsy Seale, happened in 1979. There was no mortgage information available with this transaction.

Robert and Ruby Levy purchased a 2,220 SF home at 209 Druid Hills by warranty deed. The July 27 transaction brought $134,500 for the sellers, Rodney and Jeannie Boyce. There was no mortgage information available.

A 974 SF dwelling and one acre at 1004 N. 10th St., Arkadelphia, sold for $147,000 on July 27 by warranty deed. Nathanial Pennington and Rachel Green financed the purchase with a $148,484 mortgage from SWBC Mortgage Corp. The previous owners were Brian and Shauna Jones, who purchased the property in 2001 at an unknown price.

A single-family dwelling at 247 N. 24th St., Arkadelphia, sold on July 29 by warranty deed to Christopher Patterson and Christina Westrich for $108,000. Previously owned by JMRW Properties LLC, the 1,668 SF home is being financed by a $111,111 mortgage with Everett Financial.

Nathaniel Wallace purchased a 1,088 SF home at 1725 Sylvia St. for $136,750. Wallace is financing the transaction with a $109,400 mortgage from Broker Solutions. The home’s previous owners were Bryan and Tammy Shumate, who purchased the home in 2008 for $90,000.

A 2,408 SF home and 29.86 acres at 78 Gallant Lane sold by executors deed to Shawn and Christina Suprenant on July 29. The $422,000 transaction is being financed by a mortgage of $337,600 through Regions Bank. The homesite, pasture and timberland was purchased for $19,000 in 1993 by J.C. Gallant, who built the home in 1999.

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