BITS & PIECES: Tuesday, June 28

We thank Arkadelphia Ward 3 Director Keith Crews for the hat tip he gave us during the routine business portion of the latest city board meeting. He said information from our news site has led residents to contact him on various city topics, adding that our service is valued as it helps to keep the public informed.

Creature in the Woods
Part 7/10
As dusk crept and the first crackles of campfire sent thin plumes of gray smoke skyward, Daughter meandered at the edge of the campsite, toting a forked stick and prodding at a curious growth of lichen she had spotted on a fallen log. Mom ushered her back in toward the campsite, to be closer Mom and Dad and cooking utensils that could be used to hopefully thwart off larger animals. On the tailgate Mom stirred the ingredients of the campfire quiche as Dad fought with a fire that wouldn’t make up its mind on existing. An owl gave its first call of the night: “Who Cooks for You? Who Cooks for You Alllllll?” Daughter looked at Dad, and they both caught Mom’s eyes. “Did you hear that?” Dad asked, smirking. “That was a cat!”

Last week we unlocked some new features on the site and have opened up more opportunities for advertising space. We hope to use our homepage for more advertisements (at 56,000 views so far this year, the homepage is our most-viewed page) and to give our readers’ eyes some relief from the number of ads in articles. Interested in advertising? We’ve got a space for you! Just call 501-304-2134 or email for rates.

Our reporting on rape charges faced by a convicted child predator and his family ties to the attorney who appealed to have him removed from the sex offender registry picked up enough steam in Pike County that the Glenwood Herald requested to print our article. Of course we gave permission, and we hope their readers pay attention to not only the headline but every word in the article.

In mid-July we aim to temporarily hand over the controls of The Arkadelphian to a brave soul who wants to help out while we tend to some family matters that will keep us out of pocket for probably two full weeks.

It truly was a treat to visit with Natalia Victoria, the performance artist who is rollerblading from Houston to Chicago in memory of her late mother. We talked with her over drinks at Java Primo, then took her to the Downtown Mural Parking Lot and to view some of Sammy Landers’ artwork. Last we checked Natalia had left Little Rock and was Memphis-bound. We wish her safe travels and hope she revisits Arkadelphia on her drive back home.

Only a nudist can actually finish the laundry.

We’re up to 3,967 readers and grow each time we break significant news, which lately has been quite often.

Joel Phelps is publisher and editor of The Arkadelphian. Any opinions or off-color humor in this column are his own. Email him at or call him at 501-304-2134.

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