Dispatch Desk: Monday, June 27

The following incidents were gathered from reports filed at the Arkadelphia Police Department and Clark County Sheriff’s Office. Names of arrested individuals were collected at the Clark County Detention Center on Crittenden Street in Arkadelphia. They are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. The Arkadelphian does not withhold names from the arrest log, so don’t even think about asking.

Arkadelphia Police Department

Sunday, June 26

Police investigated a felony case of terroristic threatening.

Saturday, June 25

Officers responded to a third-degree domestic battery involving juveniles.

Police opened an investigation into a residential burglary.

Friday, June 24

7:19 a.m.
A woman was arrested at the 1500 block of North 16th Street for possession of alcohol by a minor. Her arrest followed a car accident she was involved in near the site.

Officers responded to a domestic battery involving juveniles.

2 p.m.
Officers responded to a West Pine Street business, where a customer complained their damaged bumper and flat tire was caused by an object in the drive-through.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office

Friday, June 24

9:28 p.m.
A deputy responded to the Ozan Point boat ramp, where a vehicle had rolled into the lake. The driver said she engaged the parking brake and left the vehicle on the boat ramp to use the restroom. Her husband, the passenger, reported he was able to escape once he noticed the car rolling toward the water. A towing company recovered the vehicle and hauled it away.

Saturday, June 25

4 p.m.
A deputy responded to a civil dispute over the ownership of a vehicle at a Shiloh Road residence.


Wednesday, June 22

Bryson Ferguson, 22, was arrested for failure to appear and criminal mischief.

Thursday, June 23

Coby D. Malone, 29, was arrested for theft of property and five counts of failure to appear.

Jacob Weisse, 21, was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Kyle Johnston, 27, was arrested by Caddo Valley police and held for another agency.

Friday, June 24

Elizabeth William, 19, was arrested by Arkadelphia police for public intoxication.

Ethan Balch, 24, was arrested by Arkadelphia police for failure to register.

Michael Meli, 36, 90-day hold.

Saturday, June 25

Jordan Golden, 34, was arrested by Arkadelphia police for domestic battery and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Bobby Robbins, 84, continued detention.

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