Dispatch Desk: Monday, June 6

The following incidents were gathered from reports filed at the Arkadelphia Police Department and Clark County Sheriff’s Office. Names of arrested individuals were collected at the Clark County Detention Center on Crittenden Street in Arkadelphia. They are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. The Arkadelphian does not withhold names from the arrest log, so don’t even think about asking.

Arkadelphia Police Department

Sunday, June 5

12:45 a.m.
Police arrested a man for public intoxication at the 300 block of South 23rd Street, where officers were summoned for a report of a man causing a scene.

9:30 a.m.
Officers were summoned to a Hunter Street residence for a report of an unwanted guest. The female suspect left prior to police arrival but returned 30 minutes later, struck a man in the face and fled again. Police returned and advised the complaining party of warrant procedures. The man who was struck in the face was served with a warrant for failing to appear in court.

Saturday, June 4

9:25 p.m.
Officers arrested a man at Taco Bell for public intoxication. A witness who phoned police said she had followed him from 12th and Caddo streets after he nearly struck her vehicle. While outside the fast-food eatery, the man had reportedly gotten his vehicle lodged on a curb and had to get assistance to free it.

Friday, June 3

1:50 p.m.
Officers responded to Dollar General, 2727 Caddo St., for a report of a shoplifter who had already left the scene with one stolen can of beer.

Police opened a felony case of forgery.

4:20 p.m.
An officer tasered a vicious dog at a residence at the 1100 block of Caddo Street. The property manager summoned officers there as he reported the dog tried to attack him as he entered the residence to do some work. The officer noted in his report that the dog rushed at him with bared teeth when he stepped toward the door. The dog retreated back to the house after it was tasered.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office

No new reports on file.


Friday, June 3

MacArthur Lee Reed Jr., 49, was arrested for failure to comply.

Tavyum Lewis, 23, 90-day sanction.

Doyle Wayne Malcom, 76, was arrested for three counts of rape.

Veronica Jean Smith, 65, was arrested by Gurdon police for public intoxication.

Robert H. Morgan, 50, was arrested by Gurdon police for public intoxication and second-degree terroristic threatening.

Saturday, June 4

Myron Shorts, 61, was arrested by Arkadelphia police for public intoxication.

Sunday, June 5

Billy Ray Perry, 62, was arrested by Arkadelphia police for public intoxication.

Monday, June 6

Christopher Jones, 33, was arrested by Arkadelphia police for four counts of endangering the welfare of a minor and public intoxication.

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