By Joel Phelps
The Arkadelphian

“In America there is scarcely a hamlet that has not its newspaper.” — Alexis De Tocqueville, circa 1840

I had a notion this day would eventually come. The Arkadelphian and its published content is now widely talked about. In just less than a year since birthing this news website, I’ve found that more people — business owners, potential advertisers, restaurant workers, people I bump into on the street — have heard of this site than haven’t. Wasn’t the case last summer.

It’s a great accomplishment personally, and I suppose much of the credit goes to the demise of the Siftings Herald and the fact that the good folks of Clark County have a thirst for a somewhat circadian flow of relevant information. This age of keyboard warriors (I’ve been called such) and trolls (but not that, thankfully) are quick to opine, similar to the manner of two gunslingers, and they’re often so quick in their draw they fail to take proper aim at their target. These careless duelers clip their opponents and light a shuck to the next dim saloon to crawl his hump.

The townsfolk have sent many a telegram to this here newspaper pointing out some of this online balderdash, suggesting that maybe the comments are becoming a little bent and wanting me to uncork the bronc. I hate to tell ya, I ain’t the sheriff of these here parts and my job’s not to police the public’s opinion so long as there’s no slangander goin’ about. I’m just a mere onlooker and listener with a knack for storytellin’.

Seems nowadays anytime I click “Publish” to our 3,500-plus readers, somebody with a wobblin’ jaw takes to the comments section and makes a fuss o’er what the town’s elders have decided to do or just plum forgot to do. Now, I’m all for a man expressin’ hisself, for anyone with a gullet ‘n half a brain in these States is ‘titled to talk his point.

But gosh a-livin’s! Pull in your horns before you commence to make yourself out to be a chucklehead. If’n you’re so inclined to comment, you ought to make sure your dog’ll hunt; otherwise somebody smarter’n you’s gonna give you a real mental lambastin’ and you’ll find your hair in the butter. When that happens, you’re so fit to be tied you hit a man below the belt. And ain’t a man worth his salt does that.

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  1. Thanks for Arkadelphian. Otherwise we would never know what was going on in town. Enjoy Standard also but only get it once a week. Keep up the good work.

  2. I enjoy this Arkadelphian, only way I know what’s going on there. Arkadelphia government seems a lot like my former employer from where I retired. It was the best free show in town if you could avoid becoming a part of the show. Unfortunately on some occasions it was unavoidable.

    Keep up the good work. Hard to believe that some of the good people of Arkadelphia and Clark county are throwing rocks at each other online.

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