LETTER: Pine Street memories

After my thoughts about Sturgis field it got me to pondering about the widening of Pine Street.

I was raised across the street from what is soon to be MLK Park. The house that was Unique barbershop was my home for almost six years. Great times in the ’50s — no A/C, we had a floor furnace that I stepped on once and chose not to do again. A cute little house, two bedrooms, one small bath between bedrooms, living room in front, kitchen in back, fenced-in backyard where my first dog, Laddie, stayed. Beautiful Collie. Came home from school one day and he was gone; poisoned, I was told. He loved to hit that fence when someone walked by (which was a favorite mode of travel back then) and I guess intimidated the wrong person.

There was a small Tastee Inn right behind the house just beyond the fence (Arby’s sits just beyond that spot today). Great neighborhood, Neels Food Center was where the Mexican restaurant is now. A short walk to the store. I remember sitting on the corner under the shade tree watching them pave Hunter Street.

The widening of Pine is an exciting time for our community, hopefully enhancing growth and convenience. It also brings sadness because it causes me to reflect on my childhood that is never again.

My old home will be gone soon along with several other buildings. The landscape is changing, our lives are changing. I pray we never lose the yesterdays. Precious memories, how they linger.

— David Golden

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