BITS & PIECES: Saturday, June 11

While driving Friday morning in the torrential storm it reminded us of a scene from a film that debuted 29 years ago today. In the scene, Dennis Nedry drives through a downpour in an attempt to smuggle dinosaur embryos off the Jurassic Park island when he slides off the muddy road, and he’s eventually attacked and killed by the spitting Dilophosaurus. Thankfully the storms had passed in time for us to head to the cinema for the supposed finale of the Jurassic Park movie series. It was an excellent production, packed with action, plot and more dino species than all of its predecessors (we haven’t verified this estimation). The three original Jurassic Park cast mates star in this film along with the Jurassic World cast, and it was a relief that meshing the old and new was neither cheesy nor forced. We have one word for our fellow Jurassic Park fans who are considering catching this one in the theaters: “Run!”

Creature in the Woods
Part 2/10
We arrived late in the afternoon with enough daylight to pitch the tent, collect fire wood and set up the campsite to our liking. This was primitive camping. There was no lavatory or water source. The only connection to the modern world was our close proximity to the pickup, its tailgate being used as a surface to prepare our meals.

One reader sent us a message this week saying she woke up earlier than usual Wednesday morning just to visit this website and read our coverage of the Arkadelphia City Board meeting. In case you missed it, CLICK HERE to read that story.

You might have noticed we’ve stopped sharing certain story posts to social media, namely our Dispatch Desk series. Consider it an experiment to see how many of our readers will leave Facebook to seek information. We admit that we use social media as a tool to funnel readers to our website, but we’d like to know if our readers are willing to leave their comfort zone in search of the information we have been, for lack of better words, spoon-feeding them.

Bob Dylan once whined, “Ya don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows!” And that line comes to us every time we think we should mention anything about weather. With technology, everyone’s a meteorologist these days. We check the weather each Sunday as a gauge to prepare our meals for the week (cool, rainy days=chili or soup; warm, sunny days=grilling; etc.). But boy was the NOAA forecast way off this past week?! There wasn’t supposed to be a chance of rain until Thursday! With so many tools at our fingertips and so many unpredictables, it’s no use in us telling you if rain is predicted, but if there’s a post-storm impact on a community, like what happened in Curtis on Friday, it’s our job to report on it.

We’re now up to 3,854 readers.

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