LETTER: ATV trails needed at DeGray


Folks, here in Clark County we are blessed to have a lot of areas for outdoor activities with 2 beautiful rivers to float and fish, and let’s not forget Lake Degray with all its recreational opportunities like camping, swimming, horseback riding, boating and fishing that families can enjoy.  

Also in recent years new hiking, running and bicycle off-road trails have been developed in the Iron Mountain Area for public use, which also have hosted several off-road race events that are always a great success.

With that said I would love to see another activity developed at Lake Degray, and that activity is ATV riding trails for 4-wheelers, UTVs, side-by-sides and motorcycles. Lake Degray is blessed with so many miles of unused land and resources that encircle the shores that really need to be experienced.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the ATV Trails at Lake Greeson at Kirby Landing to Daisy camping area called Bear Creek Trails, which was just a small section of the vast trails that wind through the woods and hills that surround the lake. The views of the hills and the lake were priceless, and the ability to access the lake at many different locations made for a wonderful experience. So I would love to see and experience that at our local lake.

I remember the days of getting into your 4×4 truck or ATV and riding all over this county and not seeing a gate or cable across any right-of-way and experiencing the freedom of the outdoors. These days and times it’s really hard to find good places to ride in our county without risks of trespassing.

I believe this is a positive activity that people of all ages can enjoy and make great memories while enjoying the wonderful beauties of Lake Degray. By developing these trails it would give visitors the chance see and enjoy our lake while also bring more revenue to Lake Degray and our local economy.

Mike Pritchard

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  1. As someone who lives “around the corner” from the spillway area and lower Lake I hear a lot of boat noise during the summer. I also have cyclists and hikers trespassing on my property. PLEASE, don’t add motorcycles and ATVs out here. I moved here over 20 years ago because of the wildlife and peace/quiet. Your rights don’t over ride mine!