Mr. Goodtime’s Hearsay Fishing Report

By Lee Seale
Mr. Goodtime

Hey y’all! Well, let’s jump right in — I know the suspense is killing you. Counting down the Number 2 must-have is a good ol’ lady or, even better, a wife. Well, this should be self-explanatory for all you married men out there.

The reason for needing a good woman on your team is that someone has to pick up the bait on their way back from shopping, because we’re to lazy to go get it.

Another reason is who’s gonna say, “Baby, it’s OK” when that monster bass breaks your line? 

I will be the first to admit that my wife always has a back up plan, because she has her doubts on me actually catching enough fish to feed our little tribe. And on the off chance I do, she is right beside me helping clean them and working her magic on filling our bellies. I have to admit I am a very blessed man I do realize that. So whether you agree or not those are just a few of the reasons a good, decent, or not-so-good fisherman needs a better half. 

Next week we will discuss the Number 1 need on any list — not just on my fishing report by any means — the good Lord himself, for so many reasons.

This week, stay safe and humble and when you talk don’t mumble. And whatever you do, have a Goodtime doing it.

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