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Man hurt while fixing vehicle that stalled at DeGray swim beach

A day at DeGray Lake went awry for a lake visitor who found himself beneath a rolling vehicle.

According to Clark County Sheriff Jason Watson, a Nebraska man who spent Wednesday afternoon swimming with family at the Highway 7 Recreation Area was crushed under the weight of his truck.

The sheriff said the truck had mechanical issues that prompted the man to crawl under the vehicle while he instructed his teenaged son to crank the ignition. The juvenile, who had no experience behind the wheel of a vehicle, was unable to fully depress the brakes, which allowed the vehicle to roll onto the man, Watson said.

The man was lying on his left side when the truck rolled forward, pushing him face down. Watson said the man’s injuries were primarily to his torso/mid back area. He was airlifted from a nearby state park facility to a Little Rock hospital, and is now in stable condition, according to the sheriff.