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Hawthorn wins constable race

George Hawthorn will keep his position as Caddo Township’s constable, defeating Democratic challenger Zack Garrett 3,495-2,362.

Asked for comment on his victory, Hawthorn had a simple message to his supporters: “I appreciate the folks of Clark County.”

What does a constable do? According to the University of Arkansas System Cooperative Extension Service, a constable has the same law enforcement authority as a sheriff in their township. The Caddo Township happens to encompass the entirety of Clark County’s geographical landscape.

A constable has power to arrest, write citations and respond to accidents. 

A 2007 law, however, placed training requirements on constables if they wanted to carry a gun on duty and have access to the Arkansas Crime Information Center. State law also requires them to wear uniforms while on duty and label any patrol vehicle with “Arkansas Constable” on it. They are required to turn over any fines collected from citations to the county.

Under state law, they no longer have authority to appoint deputies. They are required to keep records of any citations and administrative records, similar to requirements placed on sheriffs.

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