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Arkadelphia directors talk street quality in new subdivision

By JOE MAY | The Southern Standard

In a brief meeting Tuesday evening, the Arkadelphia Board of Directors voted to accept the final agreement with the state regarding the moving of utilities for the widening of Pine Street as well as the construction of the bypass.

City Manager Gary Brinkley said the agreement, the last of five between the city and state officials, calls for the state to pay 35.85% of the cost to relocate utilities along Pine Street and 100% of the cost for the replacement of a sewer lift station on 13th Street.

“This is the final piece of the process,” Brinkley stated. At the motion of Directors Keith Crews and Chris Porter, the board approved the agreement.

Brinkley then presented directors with a final plat of the North Ridge Estates subdivision, of which 23 plats are to be offered for sale. 

Brinkley said the developers have met the city’s minimum requirements and noted the measure is “just a formality.” Crews inquired about the condition of the paved road in the subdivision, terming it “worrisome” and “inadequate asphalt.” He asked what the city’s liability would be with the street, to which Brinkley replied that the developers are responsible for any issues during the first year. After that, the roadway becomes the city’s responsibility. He added that city crews measured the depth of the pavement and found that it met the requirements. Noted flaws were repaired by the developers, Brinkley said.

Assistant Mayor Roland Gosey, who presided in the absence of Mayor Scott Byrd asked if there would be any parking issues such as were had at Magnolia Estates. In answer to Gosey and to another question posed by Crews, Brinkley explained that a Magnolia Estates resident had parked his tractor-trailer rig in his driveway, a violation of that subdivision’s covenants. He said that the city can only enforce ordinances, not covenants.

In other business, the board:

• Decided to forgo their 4th of July meeting and will simply convene on July 18.
• Heard Brinkley say that the city’s new communications tower should be online in mid-July.
• Heard Brinkley say that two of the city’s checking accounts were compromised recently, but no money was lost. The accounts were shut down and will be opened as new accounts, he said.