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Feaster Park tower tops Arkadelphia construction jobs in April

The City of Arkadelphia issued 9 building permits with an estimated construction value of $395,265 for the month of April 2023. The figure is higher than March construction work, which totaled $224,838 from 13 permits. For the same period in 2022, the city issued 15 permits totaling $696,713 in estimated construction work.

Records were obtained from the city’s Building Department under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act and include valuations of work except where omitted from reports. Here’s a rundown of permits filed in February 2023:

Herlacher Mobile Home was hired to move a 16’x80’ single-wide manufactured home to 17 Robin Lane. Diane Smith paid $3,500 for the move.

A wall sign at 812 Clinton St. Suite B destroyed in a recent storm cost owner Corey Brown $215 to replace.

At a cost of $70,000 Goodman Properties LLC/Mary & Martha’s Florist and Gifts hired Scott Nelson Construction to install a thermoplastic polyolefin roof on a commercial building at 800 Clinton St. 

Joel Cooper hired ANA Mobile Home to move a 16’x76’ single-wide manufactured home to 52 Robin Lane.

Holly Lauren Quillin filed a permit for a deck repair costing $1,000 at 810 N. 14th St.

The City of Arkadelphia has hired Midway Electronics Inc. to construct a 180-foot-tall communications tower and associated compound at Feaster Park on North 22nd St. City permit fees were waived for the $287,600 job.

Wright & Seale Properties filed to construct an 8’x8’ storage building at 601 S. 7th St., the new location of an Arkansas Department of Correction probation office. It cost an estimated $2,000 to erect the storage building.

Goodman Properties LLC/Mary & Martha’s Florist and Gifts filed to remodel an office and bathroom at 800 Clinton St. The project cost an estimated $18,000.

John Butler hired Keith’s Roofing of Hot Springs to tear off and re-shingle a roof at 1706 O’Connell St. at a cost of $12.950.

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