Bismarck Deli and Market: A growing community staple

By KELLY STILES The Arkadelphian

In June 2022, Jesse and Nikki Loftin responded to a local need and a prime opportunity.

“We figured we’d start a deli because there’s nothing like that here,” Jesse said. “Then we started doing breakfast because there’s no breakfast here. Then there’s no meat and produce, so we serve the community like that.”

Pictured: Bismarck Deli and Market co-owner Nikki Loftin | The Arkadelphian/Kelly Stiles
Pictured: Bismarck Deli and Market co-owner Jesse Loftin | The Arkadelphian/Kelly Stiles

Bismarck Deli and Market provides a full breakfast with everything from country-fried steak to breakfast burritos. From lunchtime on, customers can purchase a sandwich customized to their liking, much like a Subway restaurant. Meats and cheeses are sold by the pound and smoked meats will also be available in the near future.

Submitted by Jesse Loftin
Submitted by Jesse Loftin

“We have regulars now and my wife said she has many of their orders memorized” Jesse said. “It is cool to get to know the community.”

The married couple moved from California to Arkansas five years ago. Wanting a change, Jesse and Nikki originally planned to relocate to Texas. At the time, Jesse’s father, Bob, having a friend who was thinking of buying property in Arkansas, was strongly considering purchasing land in the state as well.

Upon visiting his father in Arkansas with the intentions of convincing him not to move there, Jesse, to his surprise, fell in love with the state’s natural beauty. He enjoyed the country feel of Bismarck with its proximity to a larger city like Hot Springs. After Nikki also took in what Arkansas had to offer, a plan was set in motion. Jesse, Nikki, and Bob purchased a ranch in Bismarck together. Jesse and Nikki enjoy raising their three children, ages 9, 5, and 1, on their family homestead.

“In a place like Hot Springs, you get lost in all the options,” Jesse said. “Here, we are ‘Bismarck’s Deli’.”

Submitted by Jesse Loftin

Jesse worked for the Garland County Detention Center until he suffered an injury leading to a leave of absence. Upon discovering that the building at 6454 Highway 7 had been up for auction and sold, Jesse and Nikki decided to jump on renting it for their deli dream. Having seven years of experience working in a deli, Nikki is well-equipped with the knowledge necessary to run a quality deli business.

Submitted by Jesse Loftin
Submitted by Jesse Loftin

Now considering purchasing the building, Jesse and Nikki plan to expand their kitchen and add an outdoor patio with guest seating to further their restaurant accommodations. Since Hot Spring County has recently started allowing the sale and purchase of alcohol, Bismarck Deli and Market will also serve beer and wine in the near future.

“We thank our community for continuing to support us,” Jesse said.

Bismarck Deli and Market is open Tuesday through Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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  1. Jesse and Nicki are awesome! Great young couple doing great work!
    Come out and meet them. You will return again and again!