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City receives new sanitation truck following accident

By EMMA MILNER | City of Arkadelphia

The City of Arkadelphia is excited to announce its new sanitation truck has finally arrived.

A new front load sanitation truck was delivered to the city’s Sanitation Department on Thursday afternoon. A front load sanitation truck uses hydraulic forks to pick up and empty large dumpsters typically found at businesses, schools, apartment complexes and other commercial properties.

A new front loader truck was delivered Thursday, Dec. 15, to the Arkadelphia Sanitation Department after the previous one was involved in a collision with a dump truck. | Emma Milner/City of Arkadelphia

Four weeks ago today, the city’s main front load sanitation truck was involved in an accident with a dump truck. Days later, a key component of the city’s backup truck fractured. This left city officials without a front loader to collect trash from local dumpsters.

“We’ve had to make a lot of adjustments over the past few weeks,” Sanitation Superintendent Daymond House said. “Not having a front loader meant we really had to get our hands dirty to get the job done … more so than usual. I’m proud of my guys for adjusting, and making the best out of a bad situation.”

As city officials began their search for a new truck, county officials offered to let the city use their front loader after hours.

“Our thanks to Clark County and Judge Troy Tucker for assisting us during this time,” City Manager Gary Brinkley said. “The past four weeks would have been unimaginably difficult had it not been for their help.”

Typically, the ordering process and production of a front load sanitation truck takes 16 to 18 months. City officials found, approved and financed this new truck within three weeks.

“Another city ordered the truck and was unable to complete the order,” Brinkley said. “We were extremely fortunate that everything worked out the way that it did.”

House added: “This is one of the best Christmas gifts we could’ve received. It’s a really nice truck and we can’t wait to start using it.”

The new front load sanitation truck was leased through Arkansas Municipal Equipment. The truck will be put into service on Friday, December 16.

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