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Dept. of Corrections seeking land donation for community correction center


NORTH LITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas Board of Corrections and the Arkansas Department of Corrections issued a public notice for submissions on Friday for communities to express interest in donating land for the construction of a new community correction center to house approximately 200 to 300 offenders within the Division of Community Correction.

Proposals will be evaluated by the Department of Corrections and submitted to the Board of Corrections for selection.

The desired property should be between 5 and 40 acres.

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  1. This would be a great opportunity for Arkadelphia or Clark County. It would bring commerce in the form of new jobs and demand for Correction Officers, and food services, counseling, and medical services among others. Two or three hundred inmates are not so much. I would encourage anyone who is opposed to this to read up on the mission of the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections. It is not the Arkansas Department of Corrections, which is the prison. Arkansas Community Corrections seeks to rehabilitate offenders back into the community without incarceration in prison.