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Clark County real estate transactions through Sept. 25

Clark County real estate transactions recorded between Sept. 9-23, 2022, having a value of $100,000 or greater. Information is gathered from public records held by the Clark County Circuit Clerk. The Arkadelphian includes names of grantees, grantors, transaction price and property description available, and does not withhold names.

POST UPDATED to reflect a corrected transaction on Heflin Road. We regret the error.

An 1,800 SF frame siding home on 7.2 acres at Heflin Road in Caddo Valley sold for $249,000 to Terrie Carter by warranty deed on Sept. 13. Sheri Rogers was the previous owner.

A frame siding duplex on Cherry Street in Arkadelphia switched hands for $277,000 on Sept. 13. Steven and Karen Wydra purchased the residence from Matthew and Stephanie Murry by way of warranty deed, financing the transaction with a $221,600 mortgage through Prosperity Home Mortgage. The home last switched hands in 2021 for $238,000.

Paul and Tara Price bought 11.25 acres of timber and pasture on Country Club Road for $125,000 on Sept. 19. Previous owners were James and Jill Watson, and Karen and Randall Ross.

A two-story 2,480 SF brick home and three house lots on Elaine Circle in Arkadelphia sold for $239,500 on Sept. 15 to Kristine Kimbro. Previous owners were Johnny, Trecia and Minnie Herron.

A two-story 2,512 SF brick home on North Park Drive in Arkadelphia sold for $277,500 on Sept. 15 to Mary Ellen Taylor. Previous owner was Jillian Theriault, who bought the home in 2021 for $240,000.

A 1,208 SF frame siding home on 6.4 acres at Old Military Road sold on Sept. 16 for $120,000 to Jennifer Bartlett and Adam Bell. Previous owners were Holly and Robert Schee. The transaction is being financed by a mortgage of $90,000 through Everett Financial and Supreme Lending.

A 1,288 SF frame siding home on O’Connell Street in Arkadelphia sold for $150,000 to William Thomas on Sept. 9. Thomas purchased the home from Richard and Brandi Womack, who bought it in April for $96,000.

A 1,869 SF brick home across from Gurdon Pond One on Highway 67 South sold for $185,000 on Sept. 9 to Joe Boulden and Brittney Gibson. Boulden is financing the transaction with a $178,825 mortgage through First Community Bank. The property last switched hands in 2019, when Sandra Francis and Coby Deaton bought it for $48,000.

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