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REAL ESTATE: ArDOT acquires more Bypass land; Caddo Valley warehouse sales

Clark County real estate transactions recorded Feb. 10 through Feb. 24, 2023, having a value of $100,000 or greater. Information is gathered from public records held by the Clark County Circuit Clerk, online real estate records via and the Arkansas Secretary of State. The Arkadelphian includes names of grantees, grantors, transaction price and property description available, and does not withhold names.

We’ve updated both this post and headline to clarify that a purchase on Caddo Street was for a right-of-way. We regret the error.

Allen and Carol Morgan Joint Revocable Trust purchased 33 acres of timberland south of Witherspoon Road near its junction with Highway 51, near Brown Springs, for $143,200 by way of executrix deed. Previous owner was W.A. Wingfield.

Azaniah and Alexis Peals purchased a 1,458 SF frame siding home on the 1300 block of O’Connell Street in Arkadelphia for $173,000. The transaction is being financed with a mortgage of $174,747 through Everett Financial Inc. and Supreme Lending. Previous owners Christopher and Charlotte Watson purchased the property in 2022 for $28,000.

Samuel Gonzalez and Norma Salazar purchased a mini warehouse and 0.47 acres on Frost Road in Caddo Valley for $300,000. The transaction is being financed by a mortgage of $100,000 through Bank of Delight. The warehouse was once an asset of Summerford Engineering. Previous owner was Martha Summerford Revocable Trust.

The Arkansas State Highway Commission purchased a portion of land on Caddo Street for an Arkadelphia Bypass right-of-way for $171,725. The building on the property houses Price & Co Insurance and Bonds. Acting as third party in the transaction was Percy Malone.

Heather Fitzhugh purchased a 1,005 SF brick home at South 25th Street Circle in Arkadelphia for $100,090. The transaction is being financed by a mortgage of $97,087 through Rocket Mortgage LLC. Previous owners Fifi Jap and Fnu Hendri purchased the property in 2020 for $53,000.

Carozza Land Corp. LLC purchased 243.5 acres of timberland on Open Banks Road near its junction with Strong Road for $302,525. The transaction is being financed by a mortgage of $195,000 through Simmons Bank. Carozza Land Corp is registered to Anthony Carozza of Arkadelphia. Previous owners were DGB Properties LLC, which is registered to David Brazeale of Sparkman. DGB acquired the property in 2016 for $1.8 million.

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