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Directors raise cap on city manager’s spending authority

By JOE MAY | The Southern Standard

The cost of doing business is going up, City Manager Gary Brinkley told members of the Arkadelphia City Board Tuesday evening.

Currently, bids must be taken for goods above $20,000 and building costs above $35,000, Brinkley said, suggesting that the amounts be raised to $35,000 and $50,000, respectively, as officials are often hampered by the lower figures, which have not been raised since 2013.

Mayor Scott Byrd noted that the amounts have to be changed if the city wants to be competitive.

At the motion of Directors Keith Crews and Jason Jones, an ordinance to raise the spending power of the city manager was placed on its first reading.

In other business, the board:

• Approved a change order on the drainage system work being done on Henderson Street. Brinkley noted that the tunnels are being moved from underneath buildings that have been placed over them in the past 70 years. He noted the same practice will be done on the Haddock Street drainage project.

• Approved a $287,600 tower for police and fire communications and opted not to join the AWIN radio system which would have cost $3.5 million.

• Heard Brinkley state that the APD has been awarded a $90,747.96 public safety grant to aid in purchasing equipment. At the motion of Director Roland Gosey, the motion of was approved.

• Agreed at the motion of Jones and Director Reo Cummings to formalize the city’s agreement with the Arkansas Department of Transportation regarding 6th Street. Brinkley explained that once the extension of 10th Street is completed, the city will assume control and maintenance of 6th Street while the state will maintain 10th Street.

• Agreed to the lease purchase of a new trash truck for $335,000 at the motion of Director Taylor Chaney and Cummings. Brinkley explained that the city’s previous truck was likely totaled after being struck by a dump truck in November. The board agreed to finance the purchase through Southern Bancorp, based on that bank having the lowest bid.

• Agreed at the motion of Gosey and Jones to rezone Roger Wingfield’s property at 1019 North 10th Street from residential to commercial.

• Agreed at the motion of Crews to give extra compensation to employees in the amount of $500 for full-time and $250 for part-time for a total cost of $67,723.

• Heard Brinkley say the city has severed its contract with Missouri Petroleum due to lack of performance regarding street work.

• Heard Brinkley present the city’s $25 million budget for 2023.

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