READER POLL: Where do locals prefer to vacation?

In an Aug. 2 reader survey poll, The Arkadelphian asked its readers, “What’s your favorite vacation destination?” The poll ended on Aug. 19.

The options were the beach, the mountains, theme parks, big cities, other and the Gump-inspired “Mama, what’s vacation?” for those who never get to smell the roses.

According to our readers, the beach is the place to go. Here are the results:

The beach: 36 votes, 31.86%

The mountains: 28 votes, 24.78%

Mama, what’s vacation?: 23 votes, 20.35%

Theme parks (Disney, Universal Studios, Magic Springs, etc.): 10 votes, 8.85%

Other: 10 votes, 8.85%

Big cities: 6 votes, 5.31%

Total votes: 113

Reader survey polls at arkadelphian.com are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and/or entertainment of our readers.

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