EDCCC approves lease with ‘Innovex’, $1.2M in water, sewer lines

By The Arkadelphian

The Economic Development Corp. of Clark County approved water and sewer line costs up to $1.2 million in order to move forward with the lease with Project “Innovex” during its monthly meeting Tuesday. 

J.L. Griffin, CEO of the EDCCC, asked the board to approve the lease with “Innovex” and an expenditure of up to $1.2 million in projected costs for new water and sewer lines at the Super Site so that the process of taking bids for the project could begin as soon as the state health department approves the new lines. The “Innovex” lease specifies that the lines be installed at the site, though Arkadelphia City Manager Gary Brinkley noted that the cost of $1.2 million would benefit future development at the site, not just “Innovex.” 

The board unanimously approved both the lease with “Innovex” and the projected cost of the new water and sewer lines.

Clark County tax incentive applications

Griffin said that seven or eight small businesses have worked with the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center, an organization the EDCCC has contracted with to assist small businesses in the application process. Next, those applications will go to the Alliance before being presented to the EDCCC. Griffin said that he expects the board to have five to seven applications to review at the next EDCCC meeting.

Griffin noted that there is a “time lag” of almost two months because when an application comes in after the Alliance meets, the applicant must wait for the next Alliance meeting before the application goes to the EDCCC. 

Clark County project updates

Griffin said he met with project “Amity” July 20. Having already raised $4.5 million, “Amity” is moving forward and is expected to bring 15 jobs.

Griffin met with various parties involved with project “Teal” in July. Project “Teal” said they are optimistic about coming to Clark County but that they would be “really optimistic” if the rail were already in place.

In other business:

  • Sen. John Boozman was “upbeat” about the transload facility during a July 6 visit to Arkadelphia
  • Clark County Workforce Training Group gave an update on workforce training and professional development efforts in Clark County
  • The new Alliance website is expected in August
  • Governor Asa Hutchinson will attend a Hostess Brands event Aug. 30
  • New Alliance CEO Shelley Short will begin Sept. 6

The next meeting of the EDCCC is at noon Tuesday, Aug. 23, at Fairfied Inn & Suites, 258 Red Hill Road, Arkadelphia. EDCCC meetings are open to the public.

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  1. It’s pretty obvious where project “Amity” is gonna be… I ain’t heard much about it, but I have a guess of what it might be. Is the $4.5M from the EDCCC or is that what the business raised? If that’s all taxpayer money, I’ll be quite concerned, because Hostess is supposed to produce 10x as many jobs for less than half the price — and even then, I thought it was a bad deal.

    15 jobs is table scraps, but the weak EDCCC won’t negotiate for anything higher or even try to lower the price tag. I’m definitely happy we’re getting something, but you have to be fiscally responsible and those in charge ain’t doing that. You’re taking money from really poor people, here — during an inflation crisis caused by fiscal irresponsibility, mind you — when folks are struggling to pay the bills, struggling to buy gas, and struggling to put food on the table. That makes it even more important that you spend every dollar wisely and in a way that benefits everyone.

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