BITS & PIECES: Thursday, July 14

Creature in the Woods
Part 9/10
We must have been a sight, the five of us crammed into that two-man tent. Even the dogs, as tiny as they are, were confined to a space roughly their size. Proximity was no issue for our family, as we all shared the same queen-sized bed then, but in the tent we were squished together with no wiggle room. We each lay in frozen positions, unable to budge without ruffling the polyester or inadvertently shoving a digit into an eyeball. Daughter heard a light rustling outside tent, and hushed Mom. “Did you hear that?” Daughter asked. “That was a cat!” Dad and Daughter guffawed. “Watch it!” Mom snapped back. One by one, we eventually dozed off.

Will the administrator of the Events in Clark County Facebook page please call us at 501-304-2134. We’d really like to chat with you about partnering.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about news in small towns like Arkadelphia, it’s either feast or famine. Some days are so slow — not even the cicadas are chittering! — and we feel panicked for potentially not fulfilling the needs of our readers and advertisers. Then some days we get hammered and are forced to juggle what can seem like chainsaws depending on the subject matter. Wednesday was one of those feast days, and thank goodness we had a helping hand (we’re bursting at the seams to reveal the name) in delivering your online scoop. We’re definitely not complaining about having a “feast” day — days like Wednesday give us a sense of joy and accomplishment, and the evening’s libations feel well-deserved.

The Arkadelphian turning a year old

The Arkadelphian‘s one-year anniversary is approaching. Seems like last July was just six months ago! Stay posted, as we hope to have a special announcement and possible event celebrating our first year in operation. We would love to have planned it for the anniversary mark, but a life event will be superseding and delaying our hopeful celebrations.

Our editorial regarding the joint press conference that included Henderson Chancellor Chuck Ambrose was well received by many of our readers. It’s good to know we haven’t been the only ones left thoroughly confused by his statements to date. That said, we do hope Dr. Ambrose has a plan to save Henderson and, realistically, our community. It’s an enormous responsibility, and we hope he and the entire Arkansas State University System realizes how much is at stake.

You know what’s really embarrassing? Being jolted from your slumber by your agitated wife inquiring how you forgot to turn the sprinklers off the night before.

We’re like Flintstones kids: 4,134 strong … and growing.

We’re happy to report that our rollerblading performance artist who rolled through town a couple of weeks ago has made it to her destination. Hopefully we’ll be able to get in touch with Natalya for a follow-up story on her journey.

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Joel Phelps is publisher and editor of The Arkadelphian. Donations toward his next water bill can be mailed to P.O. Box 13, Arkadelphia, AR 71923. Email him at or call him at 501-304-2134.

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