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Alleged rapist declines attorney; $10M bond set

By Joel Phelps
The Arkadelphian


Accused of at least six counts of rape, 58-year-old Barry Alan Walker on Tuesday declined legal representation in Clark County Circuit Court.

Walker, of Glenwood, has been in police custody since his June 9 arrest in Pike County on similar charges. He has been detained at the Clark County Detention Center since Friday on six police counts of rape.

At the state’s request, Circuit Judge Blake Batson set a $10 million bond during a first appearance. Walker asked if he had to have an attorney and asked to speak with prosecutors. Clark County Prosecutor Dan Turner declined to speak with Walker, saying he didn’t want to discuss counsel with the defendant.

The Southern Standard reported in its June 16 edition that Walker was arrested in Pike County on police charges of possession of cocaine, weapons and child pornography.

No formal charges have been filed in either county. Arraignment in the Clark County case was set for July 12.

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