BITS & PIECES: Tuesday, May 24

Today is Election Day for the May primaries. The Arkadelphian will be providing live coverage of results on its Facebook page, including a live stream of each round of results as they are read. Additionally, we will work throughout the night talking to local candidates for each contested race (assessor, JP 2, JP 6, JP 10, JP 11, as well as the state representative and state senate races). Remember, polls close at 7:30 p.m.

Part 7/9
Compliments were rare for me, so hearing a pretty girl say I looked nice lifted my spirits. I said, quite solemnly, “Thanks, that made my day. Really, that made my day.” We departed, and she told her friend while leaving that “he’s really cute.”

Speaking of voting, be sure and participate in this round of our Reader Poll. The question is which local festival would you like to see revived. Chances are slim that your wish comes true, but it’s interesting to see how the community responds. The poll is at the right-hand side of the home page for desktop users, and mobile users should scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page. Your results are anonymous. Got an idea for the next poll? Email with your suggestion.

Hey, Crissi: my name ain’t Joseph!

On this week 10 years ago, Aaron Collier was named to lead the Caddo Valley Police Department as its chief, a position he still holds. (SOURCE: Daily Siftings Herald, found in the Riley-Hickingbotham Library archives at Ouachita Baptist University)

A reader shared our Monday story about the Clark County Retired Teachers Association and noted on one particular teacher included in the photo: Mrs. Kathryn Crawford, her kindergarten teacher, and how she still looks the same as she did years ago. Mrs. Crawford happens to have also taught Yours Truly in kindergarten. Here’s a fun fact: She invited members of our graduating class to her home and gave us each a composition notebook. I journaled in that notebook for years, and it’s one reason I’m in this profession!

Now, off to cover this month’s EDCCC meeting!

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